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Lauren I. Ruiz
Founder and Editor

Welcome. I'm Lauren—I perform all the services described on the site.

Since establishing Pure Text in November of 2010, I've successfully collaborated with a range of clients, specifically fiction and non-fiction authors and business professionals in a variety of industries.

Because my clients live all over the world, I adapt to both British and American English styles. I'm based out of New Hampshire, USA.

A bit more about me: I'm fluent in Spanish, and I'm passionate about the environment, human rights, self-improvement, and poetry.

There Are Many Editors.
Why Choose Me?


Professionalism is caring about your business and about how clients see your business. Hopefully, the fair and timely way I interact with clients shows that I do just that.


I've studied, and continue to study, grammar and the art of writing. Has something about your writing been troubling you? Ask me about it.


I adapt to your project. I recommend what's best for its target audience, style, message, and more. I'm also flexible when it comes to your needs and rarely hesitate to adjust my services.


Mine is one of few editing services that offers a satisfaction guarantee. And why not? It's fair, and I stand by my work.  » Learn more

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Reach out with information about your project and any questions about editorial services. If it seems we'll be a good fit, I can perform a free sample on your writing or we can discuss next steps.

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