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Frequently Asked Questions


Will you write up a contract if we begin working together?

Instead of writing a contract for every project, I have Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy. I find this is easier and just as effective in assuring clients. That said, we can work with a contract if you prefer, and I'm always happy to sign confidentiality agreements.

How do I...?

→  Figure out my word count?
→  Use Track Changes or Changes?

Do you know a great book designer, typesetter, cover artist, copywriter...?

Yes, chances are I do. I'd love to provide their contact details, so shoot me an e-mail.


Can you work on only parts of something?

Of course. If, for example, you want the static pages of your website edited but not the blog, just let me know.

Additionally, you may be interested in my note on partials.

Can you edit my novel chapter by chapter?

I don't prefer doing this. The reason I'd rather go over a manuscript in full before handing any of it back is that sometimes, for example, while working on a later part, I'll find discrepancies that relate to previous text, which can cause extra work for us both.

If you'd like, let's discuss what's holding you back from submitting in full.

What if my project has no errors?

For larger projects especially, that will rarely be the case, but if your project has no grammatical errors, ambiguities, typos, etc., I will at least have given you the assurance that it is ready to achieve its purpose.

Should I show you feedback from others who've looked at my piece?

Yes! I find this very helpful for edits. If you have feedback from others on a piece, feel free to share the highlights with me.

Why is proofreading important after editing?

While editing, editors mainly focus on higher-level issues, so we are liable to miss grammatical details and typos even though we look for those while editing as well.

Also, during a proofread I can make sure you didn't introduce any errors when you reviewed the copyedits.


When/How do I pay?

This and other information regarding pricing can be found on the Pricing and Payment page.

Can I use the service if I live outside the United States?

Of course. Just know that prices are based on US currency (USD). (If paying via PayPal, a cross-border fee may apply; simply choose for me to pay it if PayPal asks.)

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