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How to Figure Out Your Word Count

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Learn how to figure out your word count...

For a Website
In Microsoft Word
In OpenOffice
For PDFs


Getting a site's word count can be difficult, so if you're considering my service, depending on how you plan to submit the site's text, feel free to request a no-obligation website price. I use Inspyder's InSite, a program that calculates the word count of entire sites.

Alternatively, if knowing the price beforehand isn't a priority, I may recommend using my hourly rate.

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Microsoft Word

Go to Review at the top (between Mailings and View), and click on the Word Count icon within the Proofing box (first box from the left).

Flip to landscape for a better view.
Remember to flip back.

Word 2010

Word 2016

If You Use an Older Version of Word

If you are having trouble, an online search for "Word Count Word [Version Year]" should help.

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Click Tools and go down to Word Count.

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Remember to flip back.

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Adobe doesn't have a word count option, so you can send me your project, and I'll let you know your word count. I use the abracadabraCompteur add-on to do this.

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