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Personal Information

With the exception of what customers allow me to display on the Pure Text site (occupation/location alongside a testimonial, for example), personal information will never be shared, shown, rented, traded, or sold under any circumstances.

For My Records

For my records, I may keep certain files or information, such as e-mails and e-mail addresses, for an indefinite amount of time. These files will be kept confidential.


For ease, the term "project(s)" means the file(s) submitted via a form on the site or e-mail.

Project Privacy

The only people other than me who may have access to your project are trusted editorial assistants—they will be asked to agree with my privacy policy beforehand. If you're curious about this, simply ask.

Keeping a Project on File

Once I have completed and returned a project or free sample, I will keep it on file indefinitely, in case a question about the project comes up in the future, a dispute arises, or I'd like to refer to the piece for editorial reasons. If, for some reason, you don't want this, just let me know.

Taking Editorial Credit

Unless expressly asked not to, I may state (in person or online) that I worked on a project and include the author's name as well as general information about the project, such as title, word count, and genre or type.

Third Party

Statistics Tool

I use StatCounter, a third party tool that collects visitor IP addresses and general information on visitor browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, locations, lengths of stay, and Internet service providers. I use this information to analyze visits to Pure Text for marketing and to block spammers from being able to access Pure Text.

Mail Forms Tool

I use allForms for my contact and request service forms. In addition to the information customers/visitors submit, allForms collects IP addresses and general information on browsers for inclusion in the e-mail I receive once a form is filled out.

Third-Party Responsibility

Lastly, I am not responsible for the use by a third party of any information collected by a third party, i.e., my domain host (Go Daddy), my web host (Just Host), my visitor-count tracker (StatCounter), and my form handling service (allForms). Please visit these sites and read their privacy policies if you are concerned or curious about how they use your information.

For more information, read the Terms of Service.

Privacy policy updated on 11/16/16

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