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How It Works

Find out how I show my edits in a document, my average turnaround times, what file formats are acceptable to submit a project, and more.

Showing My Edits

Normally, I perform my services with Microsoft Word's Track Changes, a tool that allows you to see my corrections and accept or reject them.

(Don't have Word? Download OpenOffice, which is compatible and free.)

Example of Word's Track Changes Tool

See my Track Changes tutorial.

Turnaround Times

I can return a short piece within a few hours (depending on my availability) to a few days or longer if it isn't urgent, while a book may take me about a month. We'll settle on a personalized time frame once we discuss your project or after you request a service.

•  You may provide a deadline. I'll let you know right away whether it's doable.

•  I usually don't start working until I receive payment. » When do I pay?

Submitting Your Project

Please submit your project in .rtf, .doc, .odt, and other Word- or OpenOffice-compatible formats. (PDF files are acceptable for proofreading.)

For some projects, a different arrangement can be discussed.

» Request a service and upload your file here

Notes on Editing

Style Preferences

I adhere to the styles you have established, or if you haven't, I impose what I consider to be best practices (for example, I love the serial comma and tend to follow the Chicago Manual of Style). That said, I'll gladly conform to a style sheet/guide you provide.


It's normal to disagree with some edits. If you aren't sure whether you agree, though, or if you think you've found an error (chances are it's not), please reach out, since once you know more about an edit, you'll likely want to keep it.

Along the same lines, while often editors will agree, they won't always. That's why samples, which show how editors interact with your work, are so important. » Click here to request a free sample


My focus is the writing, not its presentation, unless I'm asked to help with certain formatting issues and I feel I'm able to. For example, authors can ask me to apply the formatting required by the particular agent or publisher they're querying.

Otherwise, I may or may not improve formatting, e.g., font sizes, font types, margin sizes, and erroneous page numbers, since, depending on the project, these adjustments fall more in the realm of book layout design.


Evaluate Pure Text by requesting a free sample/quote.


Ready? Before I begin, we can discuss your timeline and other details.


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