Spanish–English Fiction Translation

Traducción de Ficción de Español a Inglés

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Bilingual Background

I was born in the Caribbean but raised in the United States. Spanish is my first language, but because I learned English so young, I'm lucky to be fluent in both.

Aside from editing English since 2010, I've been a Spanish–English medical interpreter since 2014. Before being hired, I took a language literacy test:

Ms. Ruiz demonstrated an overall outstanding level of bilingual fluency in English and Spanish. She spoke both languages with the proficiency of a native speaker, using complete sentences, clear pronunciation, an ample vocabulary, and proper grammar and syntax. » See the full results

From Spanish to English

While I translate poetry from English to Spanish and vice versa, for longer works, I only offer translation from Spanish to English.

What I Work With

▪ Novels
▪ Short stories
& More

Satisfaction Guarantee

Contact me within 10 days of my returning your project with valid reasons that render my work inadequate and receive a full refund.  » Learn more



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