Terms of Service

By requesting service(s) from Pure Text, you affirm that you agree with these terms and that you have read and accept the Privacy Policy as well.


My Content

All material displayed on Pure-Text.net—excluding advertisements, social media logos, and some images—belong to me, Lauren I. Ruiz Bloise, unless otherwise stated somewhere on the site.

Your Content

Any material you submit remains your copyrighted property; moreover, I will never make copyright claims (or any claims) on your works or ideas. Please view the Privacy Policy for more information.

Working Together

My Duties

By accepting to perform editorial services, I affirm that I will return the work within a reasonable time (or in the time agreed upon), while keeping its author or the party responsible updated on any potential problems or changes, and that I will uphold the expectations outlined on this site and/or in our correspondence.

Your Duties

By requesting service, visitors become customers and affirm that they are serious about receiving editorial services and that they will pay the amount due within three days to two weeks of ordering or within the time we've discussed.

If the Scope of Work Changes

If the scope of work changes, the proposed turnaround or costs may need to be relooked at.

Examples of the scope changing are:

▪ The client accidentally sent the wrong file and I already began work (if I haven't begun, I won't charge extra as long as the word count/difficulty stays the same).

▪ The client makes last-minute changes and wants to send an updated document (if I haven't begun, I won't charge extra as long as the word count/difficulty stays the same).

▪ The client wants to add more text, e.g., one more chapter, a few more pages, a synopsis, or a book blurb.

If You Terminate a Project

In Advance

For various reasons, sometimes projects are scheduled months in advance. If you've scheduled in advance and have also paid far in advance, you can still, of course, recant the project before I begin. However, it's important to note that I will keep 30% of the payment (this is comparable to a non-refundable deposit). This is because holding slots sometimes causes me to turn down other clients. Furthermore, I may have to work to refill that slot for which I was counting on being paid. Of course, I will view this on a case-by-case basis.

Alternatively, you may leave the payment with me as a credit that I can honor in the future with a different project.

Once I've Begun

Recanting a project once I've already started is highly discouraged, but if it must be done for whatever reason, we can discuss how to best proceed.

If I Terminate a Project

In the rare event that I terminate a project (because of illness, incompatibility, etc.), unless we come to some other agreement, I will not return any work, but I will return the full amount paid.


Quality of Service

Though I strive for a flawless service, I cannot guarantee that I will always provide editing and proofreading that is 100% error-free because I am, as the saying goes, only human.

That said, the English language is constantly evolving and even the "established" rules are disputed, so a correction a customer, a teacher, or a reader considers wrong is invariably right in the eyes of another client, another teacher, and another reader. Remember, all edits are for you to accept or reject, and I welcome the submission of style sheets, even if hastily written.

If you are unsure about an edit, or if you have any concerns, please email me. Chances are I can alleviate your worry.

Deadlines/Turnaround Times

While I do my best to meet stated turnarounds, these may shift if I need a little more time for a project (e.g., if it turns out to be more involved than expected). For a deadline, I'll do my absolute best to meet it.

In the event that I cannot make a deadline once I've accepted a project, and perhaps begun, I will alert the customer as far in advance as I can so we can discuss an updated time frame or, if that's not possible, how to best proceed.


Compensation for any loss, damage, harm, or other negative consequences of using my services will not exceed the amount paid for the services. See below for refund information.

Refund Policy | Satisfaction Guarantee

My refund policy is not a no-questions-asked guarantee, but it is reasonable and should please those who are serious about editorial services and want to ensure they get adequate attention. My work ends when you're happy.

Conditions of a Refund

1. Substantial/valid examples that render my work inept must be emailed to me within 10 days of my sending out a project.

2. I must agree with the claim(s), and I will if they have valid basis.

3. PayPal/money order or check fees will not be refunded.

The information on this page and site is subject to change—however, customer satisfaction is always considered.

Regardless of whatever situations arise, my goal is to work with the client as best I can until we come to a decision that we both consider fair. I am always open to discussion and suggestions.

Terms updated on 2/28/21

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