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When we started working on this project, there was a lot of resistance on my side against your notes (it was a love-hate relationship). As soon as I let myself go, and decided to trust your input 100%, Manarah happened. I couldn't have reached my highest potential without your guidance. I will definitely be working with you in my future projects.

I declare a love-love relationship with Lauren Ruiz!

Alia S. F., Middle East, Author of Manarah, a book of poetry

I love what I'm seeing so far. Your work is amazing! I was so excited that I had to take a break and email you. I haven't found an edit that I don't agree with yet.

Vincent Cornelius, USA, Non-Fiction Author

Lauren has paid extremely close attention to my story and characters for two books in a row now and I can't imagine the story without her comments, especially with the number of characters and plot complexity that need to be taken into account. She's so thorough and really cleans up that lovely mess you write and edit to tears. I've done many rounds of editing and proofreading with her, both for novels and short stories. She's been a tremendously professional editor with great advice and a sensitive eye for detail and consistency. She's also extremely dedicated to her work and the quality shows. If you're planning on self-publishing, you must absolutely get at least one editor, and I can't imagine a better one than Lauren.

Margaret Alexander, USA, Author of Shadows of Penumbra and The Executioner

I'm the owner of CMBell Company, and I wanted to thank you for all your help recently. We really appreciate the careful work you do, your prompt turnaround and your reasonable rates.

DeLona Bell, USA, President of CMBell Company, Inc.

I love working with you, Lauren! You are so responsive and compassionate and you have your business boundaries in place, not to mention your given expertise. A combination that is rare and to be treasured.

Dorah Blume, USA, Author of Botticelli's Muse

If you ever decide to stop editing, I am just letting you know now that I will stop writing. So do not ever leave me! You are way too valuable!

Kerry Patton, USA, Author of Contracted: America's Secret Warriors and Contracted II: America's Terror Trackers

I have finally gone through all of your edits and it cannot be overstated how great of a job you did. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I was really impressed with, not only your attention to my embarrassing grammatical blunders, but also your focus on consistency and the detail of the story. Particularly with the final two chapters, where I heeded your advice. It was a great idea, and you were right: it strengthened those final two chapters immensely. Once again, job well done.

James Sperl, USA, Author of Sideland, The Sleep of the Gods, The Mosquito Syndrome, and The Ring

Your work transforms me from being a guy who writes to being an author. And I can't express how great that feeling is.

Fatman Butter, England, Author of Devil's Seed

Your thoughts and criticisms were targeted, helpful, and exactly what I was looking for. I have a group of 10-12 first readers that review and comment on my new fiction before I re-work it for submission to various markets. Your feedback was as helpful as all of my first readers' combined—thank you!

Matthew Acheson, Maine, USA, Horror Author, Received honorable mention in Writers of the Future with a story edited by Pure Text

Lauren Ruiz edited and proofread a number of the winning and top contender stories for the Eighth Glass Woman Prize. Ms. Ruiz' editorial comments and suggestions were meticulous and well-informed, as well as respectful to the authors' intentions and idiosyncrasies. Her range of grammatical know-how is exceptional, especially considering that in the case of the Glass Woman Prize, Ms. Ruiz had to deal with spellings and grammatical rules of a variety of versions of English (United States, United Kingdom, and Canada). I commend her attention to and patience with detail. She left me confident that the stories posted on the Glass Woman Prize page are polished and presented in their most attractive form.

Beate Sigridaughter, North Vancouver, Canada, Author and Founder of The Glass Woman Prize

Working with Lauren is a breeze and having worked with a few editors, that's a rarity! She has the uncanny ability to figure out what you're trying to say through your writing even when you're not sure yourself. She provides reasons for the edits she does and her suggestions or rewrites never take over the writer's style of expression.

Hiring Lauren for my project was the best decision I could have made. I will definitely be going to her for future projects too.

Samar Owais, Dubai, Freelance Writer and Content Marketer

I freaking LOVE your edits! This is stuff I need to know! Count on me hiring you for future edits!

Ryan Willis, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Writer

I am a business professional and used Lauren's service to review my LinkedIn profile and I was thrilled with the quality of work. She returned the edits on time and on budget. If you would like to put your best foot forward in the digital age, I would highly recommend her services.

Mike Davis, Colorado, USA, Account Executive

You did a fantastic job! I loved how you added comments and gave reasons to a lot of your changes. I appreciate everything you did for me; I turned my personal statement in confidently. I'm already recommending your service to family and friends. And in the future when I need anything else to be edited, I'll be sure to come to you! Thank you!

Megan Roake, USA

Mindful of voice and details, opting for the concise along with providing to-the-point comments. I like how you talk to me through your comments. Your work is fantastic. I love it.

Max Connelly, USA, Creative Writer and Author

Finding Lauren was a God send. She has a superb critical eye and has helped catch things that other wise would have been overlooked. It's nice to find an editor with a fresh perspective that has a talent for knowing exactly what the writer wants to convey. I look forward to continue working with Lauren in editing my entire manuscript and would recommend her services to anyone who wants to make their writing top notch.

J.C. Welker, USA, Author of The Wishing Heart and Creator of Beyond the Ribbon

I've finished going over your copy edits, and I want to thank you again for all of your hard work. Your suggestions were amazingly helpful, and I particularly appreciated how you explained things as we went along so that it was a good learning experience too! I'm particularly grateful for your comments in the last chapter, which allowed me to pinpoint exactly what wasn't working. I feel a lot more satisfied about my ending now.

Amy Sundberg, USA, Author

Lauren Ruiz of Pure-text.net did a terrific editing job on my website, raising its professionalism to a higher level. She carried out the work quickly and efficiently and I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to raise their profile in this highly competitive market.

Margaret Cunningham, Ireland, Author

Thank-you so much Lauren Ruiz, your service has been substantially helpful. The whole process was easy and rewarding. Through the comments and professionalism that you have displayed, I have learned so much. I would recommend Lauren's editing to anyone for anything. With her experience, intelligence and skills, she will enhance your writing to the ultimate level. She has improved my essay so much. I am very happy with her work. Her service is also very quick. I will continue to utilize her great service and wish her the best of luck.

Keri Bauer, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada, Student

I just looked through your edits. Thank you so much! You really thought about what I wanted to say, and didn't change the meaning at all. I think that is just great. Your edits really helped me sound more concise and professional, yet still personable.

Mike, Massachusetts, USA

Thank you for the edits. You definitely made the copy flow better and I found the comments you made very helpful.

Matthew Bates, USA, Lawyer and Creator of SmartBarPrep

I am very happy to tell you that through your impeccable and professional editing and proof reading, I have been able to improve my English grammar. This is definitely a plus from your service that I was not expecting to receive. Additionally, your witty and insightful comments helped me determine and perfect the intention of my written piece. Thank you for offering excellent (I should say unbeatable) prices and fantastic turn around service at no additional cost.

Congratulations for providing this superb service. Pure Text is definitely one of a kind.

Debora Vazquez, USA

Thank you for the professional, exceptional quality at a fair price. I look forward to working with you again.

Jason E. Royle, Pennsylvania, USA, Author of Judas: Hero Misunderstood, The Beheading of John, and The Rapture: Misunderstood

Thank you so much for working on this for me. You did a great job! When you're so close to something, it can be hard to figure out what needs to be done to make it better. You were able to tighten up my writing, take out a lot of clunky and unnecessary sections, and make this piece shine. Thank you!

Jeanna D. Rutledge, North Carolina, USA, Freelance Writer and Editor

I sent some memoir writing to Lauren for proofreading/editing services. Not only was the turn around time amazing, she was professional, clear and her suggested corrections made my work 100% stronger. I would recommend Lauren's service to anyone interested in cleaning up their work, regardless of their skill level. She will make you feel like a professional writer.

Ronda Hamilton, Washington, USA, Creative Writer

Thank you so much for all your hard work on my manuscript. You finished it far earlier than I had expected and pointed out so many problems that had gone unnoticed by not just me, but by other editors as well. I really appreciate the extra feedback on the overall story. It was invaluable information. I will definitely be using your services in the future for all my editing.

Sylvia Black, Colorado, USA, Creative and Freelance Writer

Wow! Lauren has superbly edited my novel. Before she looked at it, two other professional editors had critiqued it, yet Lauren discovered things they overlooked. A lot of her suggestions have strengthened my writing and improved the word flow. I can't say enough, and strongly recommend her services.

Michael Emmert, USA, Creative Writer

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